Banks--Stop All Pipelines!

The Keystone XL and other similar tar sands oil pipeline projects are being financed by many of the large U.S. banks. According to the current climate science, these high-carbon pipelines must not be built if we are to avoid an unraveling of the climate. Climate First!'s strategy to stop them is to "follow the money,” i.e., by going after the banks which are funding the pipelines. To pressure these lenders to divest from these climate-wrecking projects, we are building a large coalition of groups and organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Climate First!'s #StopAllPipelines campaign is presently confronting Wells Fargo, asking the huge U.S. bank to end its financial relationship with KXL pipeline, Enbridge Line 3 pipeline, and other tar sands oil pipelines.  

Join Climate First! and our coalition allies as we organize periodic actions against Wells Fargo bank branches in the Mid-Atlantic region throughout 2019. See our next action here

Other ways to get involved:

Call Wells Fargo CEO & President Timothy J. Sloan: 866-878-5865 and ask:

“I respectfully ask that Wells Fargo end its financial involvement with TransCanada, the company that is building the Keystone XL pipeline. I oppose the Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline because the project will likely have grave repercussions for the world’s climate. I ask that Wells Fargo undertake a rigorous review of its lending relationship with TransCanada, and end its involvement with the energy company. In taking such a principled stand against TransCanada—and by connection the Keystone XL pipeline—Wells Fargo would certainly be heralded as an environmental leader in the banking world and beyond!”

Email the CEO with the above information: and cc or snail mail the attached letter.

If you are a customer of Wells Fargo, contact your local Wells Fargo and share your version of the attached letter with them. Just cut and paste the sample letter into a Word document, and create the letter you want to discuss with your branch manager. 

Connect with them on Facebook to let them know how you feel:

Below: After the permit for the KXL pipeline was approved by the State Dept in 2017, Climate First! attended an emergency rally near the White House to show its resolve in opposing the project.



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