Climate First! -- Going Beyond Legislation


Climate First!'s 6th Annual Meeting (AM) will occur on Sunday afternoon, February 24, 2019 at the Tenleytown Library in NW Washington, D.C. Hear climate scientist, Danielle Meitiv, share her views on the latest science, while tasting delicious home-cooked vegetarian food. For more info, and to RSVP, go to AM


If you think lobbying politicians, regulators, or the current administration will save the climate, think again! Whether it's confronting a huge bank over its coal financing, or encouraging a municipality to adopt a clean energy program, Climate First! is all about direct action to address the climate crisis.

Our mission is pretty simple:

Climate First! strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote clean energy in the Mid-Atlantic region, by organizing grassroots efforts that encourage corporations and local governments to think climate first.

And how has Climate First! done?

Pretty well...

Check out our Victories!

So are you fired-up and ready to go?

Here's what you can do to help save the climate:

1. Sign up for our emails.

2. Attend Climate First!'s direct actions and events.

3. Get involved in our campaigns.

4. Donate to Climate First!.

5. Share your skills eg., make signs, do research, be a guest blogger.