GivingTuesday & Climate First!

The worldwide 24 hour fundraiser, GivingTuesday, is coming.            

On Tuesday, December 1, 2020, we're asking you to help Climate First! continue making an impact on the world's most pressing issue--the climate crisis. 

    Make a difference through donating your skills and/or funds to our climate protection efforts. Climate First! has goals of bringing on three new volunteers and raising $2,000 during GivingTuesday.

Whatever you can do--contributing your time and/or money to our work during GivingTuesday--we'll be grateful to have you join the Climate First! team. 

Together, we WILL make a difference!      


Ted Conwell
Climate First!, Inc.

December 01, 2020 at 12am - 11:59pm
Ted Conwell ·

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