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    GivingTuesday & Climate First!


    The global 24 hours of giving, GivingTuesday is coming on November, 30, 2021. Please consider donating to Climate First!: https://www.climatefirst.us/donate.

    Image: One of Climate First!'s "bank walks" in Silver
    Spring, MD; July 16, 2021.


    November 30, 2021 at 12:01am

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    COP26--Coming November 1, 2021


    This year's United Nations climate summit--the 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties or "COP26"--will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from November 1 to 12. Up to 200 world leaders will discuss how to address the climate crisis by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Many think that COP26 is the most critical climate summit since COP21 in 2015, when nearly every world leader signed the ground-breaking Paris Climate Accord. The world's nations agreed in Paris to hold global temperature rise to "well below" 2 degrees C, and "to pursue efforts" to limit warming to 1.5 degrees C.

    This year's COP takes place six years after the Paris agreement, and is the first opportunity since then for countries to upgrade their pledges on tackling climate change at an international gathering. Critically, the U.N.’s climate science body--the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)--published in 2018 a special report which concluded that the "safe" level of warming was no longer 2 degrees C, but was 1.5 degrees C. In view of the revised target of 1.5 C, it seems irrefutable that countries at COP 26 must revise their GHG emission reduction plans to reflect the new science, and move to net zero emissions as fast as possible. Ultimately, of course, countries must stop all GHG emissions in the not-too-distant future.  

    Climate First! and many other climate groups around the world will be organizing events in the weeks before the start of COP26 in an effort to move government and corporate leaders to dramatic action to save the climate.


    November 01, 2021 at 9:00am
    Glasgow, Scotland

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    #DefundClimateChange Campaign

    With the release of a U.N. panel's scientific report in October 2018, it was clear that the world's nations had 12 years to dramatically cut back on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, or face a (possible) existential crisis. Despite signing the Paris Climate Accord in late 2015, most governments still haven't taken the issue seriously enough. And now the world faces a dire situation.

    When the latest Fossil Fuel Finance Report "hit the newsstands" this past March, we learned that most of the private sector banks around the world still aren't taking the climate crisis seriously enough either. The report, authored by Rainforest Action Network and others, found that in the five years since the Paris Climate Accord, the world’s 60 largest banks have financed fossil fuels to a whooping total of $3.8 trillion. And not surprisingly, U.S. banks have led the way with JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, Citi, and Bank of America taking the top four slots in financing the climate-wrecking fuels. 

    In its "#DefundClimateChange" campaign, Climate First! had been confronting Wells Fargo for over two years over its investments in fossil fuel projects such as the Keystone XL pipeline. However, with JPMorgan Chase again leading, by a wide margin, all the banks in the world over the past five years in funding fossil fuel projects, JPMorgan Chase remains our target in this campaign.  

    Join Climate First! as we organize nonviolent direct actions against JPMorgan Chase bank branches in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

    Image: JPMorgan Chase & Co. world headquarters
    in NYC; April 17, 2019. Credit: JOHANNES EISELE/
    AFP/Getty Images.

    Ways to get involved in our #DefundClimateChange campaign against JPMorgan Chase:

    A. Join us in our nonviolent direct actions against Chase. Our direct actions are nonviolent events where we respectfully inform employees and customers at a local Chase bank branch of our great concern with their investments in climate-wrecking fossil fuels. Civil disobedience is an activism tool that we sometimes use in our actions but only after careful planning and training. 

    B. Call JPMorgan Chase Chairman/CEO, James "Jamie" Dimon, using the contact information below, and stating your personal version of the following: 

    “I respectfully ask that JPMorgan Chase start reducing its funding of fossil fuel projects. I strongly oppose Chase's dramatic increase in financing fossil fuel projects over the past three years, since the latest climate science states unequivocally that the world's nations must start slashing greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the impending climate crisis. I ask that Chase revise its lending policies in an effort to start divesting from fossil fuels, while also increasing its investments in renewable energy. In taking such a principled stand against fossil fuels, JPMorgan Chase would be heralded as a leader in the banking world and beyond.”

    C. Send an email to JPMorgan Chase CEO Dimon with your version of the above spiel using the contact information below. Or "snail mail" CEO Dimon your thoughts.

    D. If you are a customer of JPMorgan Chase, contact your local bank and share your thoughts face-to-face with (or in a letter to) the branch manager. 

    E. Connect with JPMorgan Chase on Facebook, letting it know how you feel about its investments in fossil fuels.

    *CONTACT INFORMATION (confirmed 2-23-20) for JPMorgan Chase Chairman & CEO, James "Jamie" Dimon:

    1. Direct tel. number: 212-270-1111.

    2. Email address: [email protected] Alternate email address for Mr. Dimon: [email protected]

    3. USPS address: 383 Madison Ave., 41st Floor, New York, N.Y 10179.

    Climate First! photo history: After the permit for the KXL pipeline was approved by the State Dept in 2017, Climate First! attended an emergency rally near the White House to show its resolve in opposing the project.


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    Just made a donation to Climate First!


    Your donation will help Climate First! with:

    • Doing comprehensive research which lays the foundation for our campaigns and events
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    • Training of our volunteers and staff to be more effective leaders

    Climate First! is a charitable nonprofit organization as defined by 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. See the organization's IRS determination letter regarding its charitable nonprofit status here and here. For additional corporate information and documents, go here.

    Climate First! would not be able to do the effective work that it does without your ongoing support and assistance. Please give generously!