With Your Help, We Will Continue Attending the "Summer of Heat" in NYC

Climate First!'s "Early Summer" fundraiser is in full swing, and we have gotten donations. Thank you!

To everyone else, please help Climate First! with its campaigning, office needs, among other things, by giving generously during our ten day fundraiser. 

The Summer of Heat--a campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience in New York City that is calling for the end to fossil fuels--began on Monday, June 10, 2024. Climate First! was involved from the start when we attended the opening action at Citibank's headquarters (HQ) in NYC, as well as the orca action the next day at the bank.

With NYPD watching, Summer of                              
Heat activists block office doors so                      
Citi employees can't get to work;
June 10, 2024.

With the action nearly over, one Orca
wouldn't give up fighting for the climate;
June 11, 2024.

Then nearly a month later--this past Monday--Climate First! attended the opening event of Elders Week. The action featured an outdoor press conference, followed by a mock funeral procession in honor of all that's been lost due to the climate crisis. And then it closed with a die-in that blockaded some of the front doors of Citi's building. As a result, 46 activists, including Bill McKibben, were arrested. Some participants in the event said it was an extraordinarily emotional action for them, especially when a bagpiper slowly led the funeral procession around the whole building with some people carrying labeled gravestones and a coffin as props.                                        

With a bagpiper leading, the funeral procession
began to circle Citibank's building; July 8, 2024.

By investing massively in fossil fuels, Citi is,
in part, responsible for the climate-amplified heat
waves, forest fires, hurricanes and other natural
disasters currently occurring around the world;
July 8, 2024.

The tombstones tell a story; July 8, 2024.

When the lamenters participated in the die-in near
the front doors of Citi's building, they were arrested;
July 8, 2024.

Help Climate First! convince Wall Street banks, insurance companies, and investment firms to divest quickly from climate-wrecking fossil fuels. Please donate to our 10 day Early Summer fundraiser. If questions or concerns, contact us at [email protected].

If you want to get involved in the Summer of Heat campaign in NYC, check out the campaign's website, and/or contact Climate First!. 

With your help, we will win the fight to save the climate.

July 05, 2024 at 12:01am - July 14, 2024
Ted Conwell ·

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