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Another busy year of working to save the climate is coming to a close for Climate First!. And starting this Friday, December 22nd, in our End of Year (EOY) Fundraising Campaign, we will be asking our dedicated supporters to help us get the major U.S. banks to move their massive investments out of dirty fossil fuels, and into clean energy. Please make a donation to Climate First!, Inc. before 2023 becomes history. Our goal for the fundraiser is $1,500.00. See "DETAILS" below. 



As an essential member of Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP)--a 230+ group nationwide coalition that is pressing the above four banks to always think climate first--Climate First!'s work, in part, uses the leverage possessed by bank customers (individual and corporate) to push the lenders to STOP financing climate-wrecking fossil fuels. And instead, invest fully in renewable energy.



Specifically, in STMP and Th!rd Act's "Costco: Clean Up Your Credit Card" campaign, Climate First! and many other groups around the country are petitioning Costco members (and non-members) to use their leverage to convince the popular retailer to ask its credit card provider--big time climate-polluter, Citibank--to start divesting from fossil fuels, and instead invest in clean energy. Or else, Costco will take its extremely profitable credit card business to another bank. Note: if you haven't signed the campaign's petition, please do so before the end of the year. 




                                                                         Image: Two Climate First!
                                                                       supporters finished their petitioning
                                                                       on a very busy shopping day before 
                                                                       Thanksgiving. Wheaton, MD; 11-18-23. 

However, to continue our work, Climate First! needs your financial help to cover expenses involving communication and travel, as well as basic expenses such as office rent, among other things.  

WHAT: Climate First!'s End of Year Fundraiser which has a goal of $1,500.00.
WHEN: Starting Friday, Dec. 22, 2023 at 12:01 am, ET; and ending Sunday, Dec. 31 at 11:59 pm.
WHERE: Online, using the following link:
MISC: To avoid fees, checks can be mailed to Climate First!, P.O. Box 5815, Takoma Park, MD 20913.

Please give generously to Climate First!, Inc. during our End-of-Year Fundraiser, December 22 to 31 (at 11:59 pm).

Thank you.

Ted Conwell, Founder & Director, AND 
Climate First!'s many dedicated volunteers


December 22, 2023 at 12:01am - December 31, 2023
Ted Conwell, Founder & Director ·

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