Help Us Defeat Another Polluting Pipeline!

President Biden’s revocation of a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline could well spell the end of a 12 year saga. The KXL pipeline, which would have carried carbon-intensive tar sands oil from Canada to Nebraska, was considered by energy analysts to be a "shoe-in" for regulatory approval when introduced in 2008. However, an opposition rose-up and fought the pipeline through political means, protests that sometimes included arrests, and legal filings. With the election of a president concerned about the climate crisis, the KXL pipeline could end-up in the ash heap of history. 

Unfortunately there's another tar sands oil project still out there--the Line 3 pipeline. The Line 3 pipeline, if built by the energy company, Enbridge, would transport an estimated 760,000 barrels of carbon-intensive tar sands oil every day from Alberta, Canada to the shores of Lake Superior in Wisconsin.

Image: Soohee Cho, The Intercept

In addition to Line 3's harmful impact to the world's climate, the pipeline would destroy the sacred wild rice beds that the Anishinaabe people depend-on for their food, culture, and way of life. Finally, the project would endanger more than 800 waterways.

That's why fearless natives and other activists have been fighting the building of Line 3. And in solidarity with them, the Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP) coalition announced a major new campaign this week: #DefundLine3. Climate First!, as part of the 150+ group STMP coalition, will be part of the fight to defeat yet another climate-wrecking pipeline.

Image: Richard Tsong-TaatariiStar Tribune

As usual, Climate First! will "follow the money." There are 18 banks, including our old "friend", JPMorgan Chase, that have a $2.2 billion loan to Enbridge that is up for renewal on March 31, 2021. We'll put pressure on Chase Bank to start thinking climate first, and end its financial relationship with Enbridge at the end of March.

Join Climate First! and many other organizations in the STMP coalition for the #DefundLine3 Campaign Kick-Off on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 8 PM EST. In the event, Anishinaabe frontline leaders will share stories from the frontlines, and organizers will walk through the campaign plan step-by-step, so you can participate at every stage. 

February 16, 2021 at 8:00pm - 9pm
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