Help Us End the Massive Climate Pollution of Wall Street Financiers

Is the worsening climate crisis beginning to make you feel hopeless for your and your family's future? Join with the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition, Third Act, Climate First!, and other organizations as they begin to build a major disruptive nonviolent movement to tell the Wall Street financiers to end their massive funding of climate-wrecking fossil fuels. See "details" below.      

Throughout history, sustained, disruptive nonviolent campaigns have delivered justice around the world, including movements involving U.S. civil rights, apartheid policies in South Africa, and Indian independence. Recently in October 2023, the Dutch government began the process of phasing out fossil fuel subsidies after a month-long blockade of a major motorway. With around 14 percent of Americans currently willing to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience to fight the climate crisis, the opportunity to build a mass climate movement is growing.

Climate First! will part of the two bank actions this coming Wednesday and Thursday. These two April actions will likely be the "spark" for the "Summer of Heat" campaign, an all-summer direct action campaign vs the financiers of the climate crisis. The plan is to hold multiple disruptive nonviolent direct actions against Wall Street climate polluters, including major banks, insurance companies, and investors, all in an effort to get the polluters to stop financing coal, oil, and gas. After years of trying to convince U.S. financial institutions to end their massive investments in fossil fuels without much success, the climate movement now is moving towards incorporating more civil disobedience in its actions to end the era of fossil fuels. 


What: Two nonviolent direct actions, involving civil disobedience, against one of the world's largest funders of fossil fuels. 
When: This coming Wednesday, April 24th and Thursday, April 25th, 7:30 to 10 am, each day.   
Where: Manhattan, NY. The exact location will be shared with each person after they RSVP. 
Misc: To join the actions, fill out and submit the form at bottom of this page. Once submitted, an organizer will be in touch.

Also, you can join one or more of the in-person training and other events that are scheduled around the two actions. View details for all of the pre-action trainings, briefings and meetings here. In addition, you can learn about the upcoming Summer of Heat campaign by attending a Zoom meeting here

Hope to see you at the events and/or actions as we try to save the climate. 




April 24, 2024 at 7:30am - 10am
Manhattan, NY
Ted Conwell ·

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