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    Video: Climate First!'s Virtual Action vs. Chase Bank, April 23, 2020.


    Why does your involvement matter? Your voice is needed to build the tipping point. 

    Solving the climate crisis requires collective action that comes from a tipping point.  Tipping points happen only when more people, businesses and public agencies persistently demand solutions. To build toward the tipping point:

    • Make a decision right now to act. And continue to act going forward.
    • Run an online strike with Climate First! vs. Chase Bank on Fridays. Or do it any day and all day. Post on social media photos/videos of yourself and others with a relevant climate message. Use these hashtags in your post: “#HealthIsClimateFirst!” & “#ClimateStrikeOnline”. Also insert "@Chase" and "@ChaseSupport" in your post to get the bank's attention. To find examples of other recent related posts, Google the above hashtags. 
    • Sign up for Climate First!’s emails to learn about our upcoming actions and other events.
    • Share your talents with Climate First!. Volunteer opportunities include sign making, updating website content, photographing, writing press releases, etc. Scroll down to sign-up.
    • Encourage your peers to participate too. Let them know that their participation matters because we win if we reach the tipping point.
    • Tell everyone that the Climate Crisis is your #1 voting issue.
    • Donate to Climate First!


    Become a volunteer